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О проекте

Welcom to - NO WIPE

- Chronicle Interlude - classic
- Platform PTS (not java)
- Rate x1000
- GM Shop
- Buffer with saving buff
- Automatic events
- Castle capture every week
- Gludio PVP Town
- Auto learn skills
- Protection after teleportation
- Buff time 1 hour
- Main cities Giran and Goddard
- PVP locations
- Dynasty armor и weapon
and much more

Fast start:
1. Download client Lineage II Interlude
2. Download patch
3. Register


Status: offline

Наши новости

11.05.20 - OPEN
Server Opening 19:00 May 29, 2020 (Russian, Moscow time). We are waiting for you!
This is a Russian game server. The English version of the site is limited. Thank you for understanding


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